The Game of Life and how to Play it

This book was originally published in 1925 and the author Florence Scovel -Shinn  was way ahead of her time. She was Exceptional and knew how the Universe worked, how we speak things into existence and the tremendous power of belief and faith.

This is a must read, it will literally lift your spirits and make you a better more confident conscious creator by the end of it.

The first thing you’ll do after you’ve read it; is to pass it on to someone else and then read it again.

I’m not joking when I say if I could go back in time and speak to anyone I would go back in time and speak to her.

She was known in her time as a Metaphysician, Author, healer and so much more that helped 1000’s of people. She was Magic literally. Check her Wikipedia page HERE . She even looks like Mary Poppins.

Enjoy the book guys,

I keep a copy of it in my bag and I pull it out and read it like a spell book.

I feel as though I have her magic with me when her book in my hand and I know you will too..




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